True love sets free!

How Women and Men Find Themselves and Each Other

Von Betz, Robert Theodor

Robert Betz Verlag, 2011, 306 S., Hardcover

ISBN: 978-3-942581-23-3

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The Truth About Love That Fosters Happiness
We look to love for ultimate fulfillment, only to frequently encounter disappointment, hurt, and pain instead. But life by no means has to remain this way, as popular psychologist and life coach Robert Betz shows us. »When it comes to love, we’re like children in adult bodies, hungering for attention« is one of his provocative premises. And those who succumb to widespread misconceptions about the essence of love are setting themselves up for repeated disappointment.
People of all ages, women and men, singles and pairs – we all need to recognize our individual behavior patterns playing out in relationships, to overcome inner limitations, and to heal old wounds.
With a truly refreshing approach, Robert Betz helps us see the major life issue of »love« in a completely new light: true love truly does bring happiness, for it leads us to joy – both within ourselves and with others.

“Love always coexists with freedom. Those who truly love inevitably set their loved ones free at all times.”


Betz, Robert Theodor

Robert Betz, geboren 1953 im Rheinland, ist Diplom-Psychologe und zählt seit Jahren zu den erfolgreichsten Seminarleitern und Vortragsreferenten im deutschsprachigen Raum. Mit seinen lebensnahen und humorvollen Vorträgen begeisterte er in den vergangenen zehn Jahren über 200.000 Menschen quer durch alle Altersgruppen. Seine Bücher sind Bestseller der Lebenshilfe-Literatur.,

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