The Aquarian Qabalah

A Contemporary Initiation Into A Secret Tradition

Von Ozaniec, Naomi

Watkins Publishing, 2003, Pb, 454 S.

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Qabalah is a Judaic path of mystical self revelation. The word Qabalah means 'from mouth to ear' as this system originated as an oral teaching between teacher and pupil. The written word can now stand in place of the spoken word. AQUARIAN QABALAH presents traditional Qabalah in an accessible and contemporary way which is illuminating and personally rewarding. In workbook style, the book presents an experiential journey of self discovery into the tree of Life which lies at the heart of Qabalah. Through an integrated study of Tarot and Qabalah the reader 'climbs' the Tree of Life, interacting with the Sephiroth and the Paths in turn as an initiatory system into the living dynamics of the Western Mysteries. The text takes the reader actively into the 10 Holy Sephiroth and 22 Paths which together makes up the traditional 32 Places of Wisdom. The Sephiroth being approached through the imagery of a series of Inner Temples and the Paths through the related 22 Tarot cards. This is a traditional teaching using simple language and structured exercise to show how Qabalah can be a powerful process of initiation in which we can achieve personal spiritual awakening.

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