Atlas of Social Innovation

2nd Volume: A World of New Practices

oekom verlag GmbH, 2019. 208 p. 297 mm, KT Maße: 20.9 x 32.7

ISBN: 978-3-96238-157-8

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Herausgegeben von Howaldt, Jürgen; Kaletka, Christoph; Schröder, Antonius; Zirngiebl, Marthe

The Atlas of Social Innovation series provides a comprehensive overview of the multifaceted manifestations and practices of social innovation from a global perspective. This second volume brings together leading experts of the field. In 43 articles, the atlas gives new insights into current trends of social innovation research and its connection to other schools of thought and research traditions. The conceptual underpinnings of the contributions draw upon the experiences of a variety of disciplines contributing to the rich, multi-layered nature of the phenomenon. By building up a knowledge repository for a growing community of practitioners, policy makers and researchers, the book opens up new avenues to unfold the potential of social innovation.

With contributions from:

Jo Barraket Taco Brandsen Tim Draimin Benoît Godin Carlos Guaipatin Lars Hulgård Johanna Mair Frank Moulaert Frank Pot Johan Schot Klaus Schuch Judith Sutz ... and many more

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