Sacred Heart, Audio CD - english Version

Meditation for Evoking the Sacred Heart

Von Young, Thomas; Avadhuta

THOMAS YOUNG Ltd, 2002, Audio-CD, Gesamtspielzeit ca. 61 min., in englischer Sprache

ISBN: EAN4260021690024

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Answering the request of many "heart working" participants, german born heart teacher Thomas Young and Avadhuta created a "Sacred Heart Meditation-CD". The intention of this meditation is to evoke the Sacred Heart. It was originally developed as a preparation for the heart initiation during the 12-day Sacred Heart Conferences. 

Based on ancient mystery school teachings, the voice of the Sacred Heart finds its genuine expression through Sacred Verses, received by Avadhuta.A daily meditation practice of 20 min is recommended to anchor and contemplate the four heart qualities of compassion, innate harmony, the healing presence and unconditional love. 
The unique power of the CD set the stage for accessing the loving wisdom of ones own soul. As regards the music, we are delighted to work together with world renown spiritual musician Constance Demby. Both music tracks, "The Longing" and "Radiance", are taken from the CD "Sacred Space Music" by Constance Demby. A "magical" phenomenon takes place in combination with the Sacred Verses. A Sacred Space is created where, especially during the conferences, heart openings occur time and again.

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