The Prague Horologe

Von Malina, Jakub

Eminent, 2006, 200 S., m. zahlr. Farbfotos, geb. Softcover, in englischer Sprache

ISBN: 978-80-7281-203-5

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The Horologe of the Prague Old Town Hall is one of the most famous and touristically most attractive buildings in Prague known to every visitor of this Central European metropolis. The book describes the history of the creation of the building and explains the esoteric symbology that has survived in the very heart of Prague for six centuries. In the historical context of the reign of Charles IV, the “last initiated emperor of the Holy Roman Empire,” the book talks about the level of occult gnosis of the late Middle Ages and its artistic portrayal in architecture, visual arts, and the -urbanistic design of the entire city. The book also unfolds the secret of one of the most -well-known medieval legends about a blind horologist that has been cited to this day in many European cities with similar technical machines; besides Prague, e.g. also in Strasbourg, France, or Gdansk, Poland.

Behind the creation of the Prague Horologe, the book discovers the legacy of the Circle and Hammer, one of the first closed esoteric lodges that admitted also lay people and enjoyed the auspices of Roman Emperor Wenceslas IV, son of Charles IV. The interpretation of the symbology also helps to better determine the date of the creation of the building — the documentation of which has disappeared- dutiny the centuries — than did official historical literature. The book interprets the symbology of the Prague Horologe in the European context of that time as a unique model of the cosmos and its unity with man as its image. The book analyzes in detail the cosmological symbology of the -astronomical clock and the hidden images of the creators of the architectural and artistic -design of the Horologe.

The book proves that the knowledge about the universe and man revealed by modern esoteric schools and movements was already captured in Greek and Egyptian mysteries, and shows how this knowledge was spread throughout the entire Europe at the end of the 14th century. This guide explains the building of the Prague Horologe in the context of the -place and time of its creation. It talks about the magical Carolina concept of Prague, not only as the secular world metropolis of that time — the seat of the emperor called the second Constantine — but also as the spiritual image of the Celestial Jerusalem, the city betrothed to all Christians.
Based on the figures of the twelve apostles on the Prague Horologe, it shows the history of initiation in the Christian world. The book stems from the legacy of the work of different authors such as Fulcanelli, the renowned alchemist of the early 1900s, and prominent Czech historians, while also referring to modern authors of the books on esoteric teachings, such as David Ovason. The interpretation of the esoteric symbology of the building is also based on the extensive work of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of modern anthroposophy.

From the Contents:
I. The Elemental Horologe
- Terra: The Iron Heart of the Machine
- Aqua: The Golden Mirror of the Middle Ages
- Aer: The Imprints of Initiated Brothers
- Ignis: Witnesses of Heaven and Hell

II. The Celestial Horologe
- The Earth: The Secret of Two Helpers
- The Moon: The Annual Course of Time
- The Sun: Celestial and Terrestrial Time
- Stars: The Twelve Disciples of Jesus Christ

III. The Occult Horologe
- The Silent Face of Stone
- The Visible and Invisible World
- The New Jerusalem
- Martyrdom at Golgotha
- The Eternal Wheel of Life
- Egyptian Mysteries
- In the Realm of the Dead
- The Kingdom of the Spirit

IV. The Cosmic Horologe


Malina, Jakubgeboren 1972, befasst sich seit fünfzehn Jahren mit Geschichte und esoterischen Lehren. In der zweiten Hälfte der neunziger Jahre arbeitete er als Reporter für die Tageszeitung MF DNES und wirkt heute als leitender Konsultant und Analytiker im Bereich Internet anwendungen und betriebliche Informationssysteme.

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