Katurran Odyssey Audio CD

Von Johnson, Jeff; Dunning, Brian

Hearts of Space, Gesamtspielzeit: 48:46

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Personnel: Jeff Johnson (vocals, keyboards); Brian Dunning (flute, whistle, panpipes); James Chvatal (vocals); Barry McGovern (spoken vocals); Tim Ellis (guitar, balalaika); John Fitzpatrick (violin); Jozef Lupt cik (cello); Phil Baker (bass guitar); Gregg Williams (percussion). Recording information: The Ark, Camano Island, Washington (2004). KATURRAN ODYSSEY is a collection of tunes meant to complement Terryl Whitlach's illustrated novel of the same name. However, this album can also be appreciated and enjoyed all by itself. The airy, Celtic melodies (often played by flutist Brian Dunning) mingle with Jeff Johnson's ghostly keyboard accompaniment. The overall effect is one of augury and fantasy. On "Fossah Dreams," Dunning's flute soars over the march-like snare drum rhythms and fortissimo bass drum blows. Meanwhile, Johnson plays some forboding piano countermelodies underneath. This all adds up to a richly detailed cacophony of sound. "Wishes and Songs" is another colorful track that combines vibrant percussion with various flutes (including a pan flute). The result is a sparkling mixture of both creepy and playful tones. More than any other track, "The Fire Inside The Flame" typifies the wraithlike qualities of Johnson's score. Here, cellist Jozef Lup k plays an ominous melody over cold, windy sound effects. As the piece unfolds, the music becomes even more frosty and portentous. KATURRAN ODYSSEY whisks the listener away to a secret, enchanted place.

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