Journey Into Light Audio CD

Von V. A. (New Earth Records)

New Earth Records, Gesamtspielzeit: 0:00

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The new agey Journey Into Light opens with the tender synth swells and wispy chimes of Chinmaya Dunster's "Right Mindfulness." A concordant tune that features acoustic guitar, violin, bass, and frame drum, the song is a fitting introduction to the placid sounds on this self-described "collection of healing music." Primarily a compilation of such New Earth artists as Deuter, Al Gromer Khan, and Kamal, Journey Into Light may provide the perfect background music for meditative yoga fans or candle store shoppers. From Kamal's "Dreamcatcher," a song saturated with rain sticks and reverb, to the cascading piano melodies and synthesized angelic vocals on Nadama's "Letting Go," the album is exceptionally non-abrasive, almost to the point of being prosaic and completely resigned. Though many of the tracks on the CD emit a somewhat melancholy aroma, Journey Into Light may be embraced by hardcore new age fans who are seeking the perfect background music for spiritual quests and mundane tasks alike.

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