From the Cave Audio CD

Von Harris, Frank

Spirit Voyage Music, Gesamtspielzeit: 55:04

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Imagine hearing chants to Rama at your favorite jazz club, smoothly grooving with the club’s usual fare; or participating in a song to Shiva at your next rock concert. Welcome to the world of Frank Harris and his latest recording “From the Cave.” Intelligent, sophisticated and full of heart, the recording highlights passionate Sanskrit chants that are interlaced with long instrumentals combining elements of jazz, rock, and traditional sounds from South America, Africa, and especially India. Harris is a musician best known for film scores, documentaries, and critically acclaimed recordings that marry the jazz and world music genres. Here, he has embraced chanting in his inimitable way. "From the Cave” begins with a centering OM, followed by chants to Govinda, Shiva, Rama, and others. Each piece features lush, passionate vocals imbedded in a masterful musical foundation; long instrumental interludes act as bridges between the chants. The last three songs are gentle and dreamy, allowing your body to relax and fall into a quiet stillness. “From the Cave” will surely lead you to a wondrous world within.


Govinda Jaya - Take My Heart 6:26
Om Nama Shivaya 5:28
Jakarta 6:42
Scaddith 5:02
Shri Ram 6:23
Yoga from the Snow Cave 4:58
Himalayan Yearning 6:46
Jaya 3:11
Returning to Om 5:43
Maha Mrittunjaya 0:39

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