The Forty Questions

Prophet Muhammad’s Response to the Jews of Medina

Spohr Publishers Limited, 2013, 144 pages, paperback

ISBN: 9789963401130

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Compiled from traditional sources by Mawlânâ Firâqî

The beautiful and astonishing stories of The Forty Questions full of wisdom and spirituality are an enrichment of Islamic knowledge. They lead to a profound understanding of the power of Allâh Almighty, His will and compassion which He bestows upon His creation – a wisdom which generations of Muslims are proud of.

The stories, frequently corroborated by qur’anic verses, include various themes beginning with the creation of the world and ending with its destruction on the Last Day. They bring to light martyrs, saints and prophets, legendary peoples and ancient folk. Muslims highly esteem these tales and love them to be told at length, whereas Qur’an and prophetic traditions (hadîth) often only hint at the events related in them. They are embedded in a frame of those forty questions that the elders of the Jewish community of Medina had prepared and passed down through the generations to be asked of the long-awaited and expected Prophet (s) when he came, in order to test his authenticity. The holy Prophet k answered all the questions to their satisfaction and herewith won the disbeliever’s confidence.

A look into the new book

We wish the book to be useful and valuable for those who want to know and know that they don’t know, being aware of the truth of the Prophetic heritage: fawqa kulli dhî ‘ilmin ‘alîmun – see the calligraphy on the front cover –, that above every owner of some knowledge there is someone who really knows.

Wa min Allâh at-tawfîq.
And from Allâh is all success.

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