Chakra Mudras - Yoga for Your Hands (2DVDs)

Von Mesko, Sabrina; Halpern, Steven

Art of Yoga, Gesamtspielzeit: 0:00

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This brand new - one of a kind - double DVD contains 43 MUDRAS and mantras in Chakra order. Experience the ancient Mudra technique with the foremost authority and best-selling author on hand gestures - Sabrina Mesko. In the introduction you will learn all about the Mudra practice, your energy body, your hands and the cosmos, proper breathing and mantra practice. Sabrina will guide you thru Mudra practices for all 7 chakras. Learn how to overcome anxiety, attract prosperity, prevent burnout, transcend anger, develop stronger nerves, heal a broken heart, open your heart to love, develop a sharp mind, learn patience, face fear, learn to trust and unblock the subconscious mind among a long list of these ancient techniques. Practice is appropriate for all ages and all levels. Enjoy the beautiful visuals and a soundtrack by award wining artist Steven Halpern. A true gem!

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