Musical Massage - Resonance Audio CD

Von Alfano, Jorge

Relaxation Company, Gesamtspielzeit: 59:51

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True to its name, Resonance employs Tibetan bowls, didgeridoo, sitar, bass, and a variety of flutes to manifest the pure, ringing sound that is resonance. Slow, strumming guitars interspersed with woody African mbiras and zithers extend in long, lush notes of lovely noise. Most tunes leave melody behind in the name of tonal color and atmospheric composition, and the result is an engaging backdrop of held harmonics where the instruments themselves are paid tribute. "Affinity" creates a ringing-bell ambience with the zither, and the rainstick has never sounded so multidimensional as on the "Rivers of Zimbabwe." This is a unique album that refreshingly doesn't rely on traditional song structure or intellectual instrumental displays. Clinical hypnotist and multi-instrumentalist Jorge Alfano led the project and his meditative vision is extraordinary on this simple yet intriguing album.


Tibetan Moon 15:9
Siesta 15:29
Rivers of Zimbabwe 13:53
Affinity 15:20

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