Musical Massage - Inside Audio CD

Von Nakkach, Silvia

Relaxation Company, Gesamtspielzeit: 59:34

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Music Meditation UNWIND is a simple and deeply relaxing way to enhance your meditation and help you let go of the tensions of the day. Specially composed melodies and rhythms, based on years of experience with thousands of people, carry you to a place of inner stillness and quiet joy. Sylvia Nakkach’s ensemble of global artists and instruments includes Silvia Nakkach: vocals, keyboards, autoharp, percussion Shea A.J. Comfort: duduk Michael Knapp: cello, string bass, esraj Jack Gates; guitars Paul McCandless; English horn, oboe, whistles


Inside the Om 16:04
Inside Chanting 18:06
Inside Silence 12:47
Inside Memories 12:37

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