Mundaka Upanishad (Mundakopanishad)

Von Swami Sarvananda

Munshiram Manoharlal, o.J. 82 S., pb.

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There are sixty-four verses or chapters each comprising two Sections or Khandas. The whole book as well as each chapter is called Mundaka, a word etymologically denoting a shaving razor and a person with a shaven head, namely, a Sannyasin or a monk. A propable explanation for naming the Upanishad thus is made out from these two senses of the word by some who say (1) that Para-vidya or the higher wisdom so lucidly and directly tought herein removes the superimposed veil of ignorance obscuring the Atman just as a razor shaves off the hair covering the head; and (2) that the Upanishad is pre-eminently intended for the Sannyasin, emphasizing as it does the necessity of Sannyasa for the attainment of the Eternal and the Imperishable.

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