Mountain Meadow Meditation Audio CD

Von Evenson, Dean; Huckaby, Scott

Soundings of the Planet, Gesamtspielzeit: 63:06

19,50 €

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"As the title to this CD suggests, the music reminds me of warm, peaceful meadows and I could easily imagine myself lying on my back, in a cornfield perhaps, warmed by the sun as I stare at tiny clouds scurrying across the sky... The second offering on this meditative CD is my favorite. Entitled 'Harmonic Dreaming' the opening notes are reminiscent of Barbara Striesand's song, 'People'. The music is hauntingly melancholy and soulful. The last two selections Blanket of Buttercups and Inner Flight features the flutes and are played as only a flute can be played with a mellow depth of feeling that cannot be described. The exquisite sound of these instruments, played with perfection made me think of my childhood, of fawns and fairies, Midsummer Night's Dream and Tales from the Arabian Nights. The sense of magic is made potent by the melodious harmonizing of these two gifted musicians. Soundings of the Planet has been around for almost thirty years and their music has always been able to produce harmony and pleasure to our less than perfect life styles. The mixed compositions feature the silver flute, guitar, sitar, harp, viola and wooden flute, that individually and as a whole produce music that is enchanting and peaceful."

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