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Von Sat Kartar

Spirit Voyage Music, Gesamtspielzeit: 63:18

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Listen Audio From rich vocalist Sat Kartar and master producer Thomas Barquee comes FLOW, a deeply powerful chant CD. Includes the never before recorded mantra “Sat Kartar,” one of Guru Nanak’s personal mantras, known to open the flow of energy through the heart. Also a first to be recorded, “Har Har Har Amritsar” is a meditation given by Yogi Bhajan in 1983 that was produced with sound samples from the walkway around the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Spirit Voyage artist Sat Kartar put her heart and soul into this CD and has produced her finest work yet! This is a collection of sacred Sikh, Kundalini, and Universal Mantras, blended with groove, to create a celebratory meditative musical experience. Sat Kartar has created detailed instructions online, with mudras, for several of the mantras, if you’d like to try practicing them as meditations. See the example below for the Sat Kartar mantra!


Sat Gur Prasad 11:19
Gobinday Mukunday 11:28
Laya Yoga 11:02
Sa Re Sa Sa 11:06
Aad Such 10:29

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