Kali Thunder Audio CD

Von Asher, James

New Earth Records, Gesamtspielzeit: 70:12

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Kali Thunder is the US release of Tigers of the Remix. Apart from the cover art the album is identical to the original UK release. Following the success of his Aboriginal-African dance album, Feet in the Soil, James Asher was inspired by the sparkle and vibrancy of Rajasthan to create an album celebrating its power and mysterious appeal. In the year spent building this idea, James was able to track down twenty of the finest musicians Indian and Western, who would help craft the uniquely magical impression made by India. The resulting album was Tigers of the Raj, but James was keen to see how others could expand this vision through re-interpretation. He invited pioneers in the field of dance music to contribute their own remixes. The seventy minutes of this CD are a testament to the width and breadth of a growing and innovative musical area, fuelled by a rich cultural heritage, and bubbling with creative innovation. A romantic view of Rajasthan's splendour takes on new dimensions when explored with the imagination and expertise of these masters in world fusion. Infectious, intricate grooves carry you through the mystique and magnetism of India in her finest guise.


Prayer Wheel 6:59
Temple Gates 6:36
Liquid Sky 6:17
Assam 7:00
Duskfure 7:40
Red Desert 5:30
Nataraj Express 5:41
Temple Gates 8:06
The Astrologer's Seat 10:54
Temple Gates 5:29

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