Journey of Souls Audio CD

Von Lewis, Brent

Ikauma Records, Gesamtspielzeit: 38:50

19,50 €

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On the follow-up to his naughty-but-nice, top-selling album DRUMSEX, Brent Lewis once again flirts with infectious grooves, powerful drum rhythms and creative arrangements. JOURNEY OF SOULS has a lush, at times loungey sound that blends the earthy throb of tribal drumming with light jazz textures and shuffling beats. "Dance With Me," for example, has a bit of a Latin samba sound, while "Harmonic Village" uses keyboards that are a throwback to the classic cocktail lounge sound of the 60s. His signature instrument - the Ikauma drums, adds personality and tropical flavor to the songs, providing the main melody on each cut. Lewis also has a knack for making good use of themes in his songs, and this album is no different. From the jungle flavors of "A Cry in the Night" to the thunderstorm imagery of "Rain Runner" to the peaceful whimsy of "Soul of My Brother," Lewis immerses you in a rich, vibrant world of drumming that never fails to invigorate.

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