Heart Symphony Audio CD

Von Karunesh

Oreade Music, Gesamtspielzeit: 49:20

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Karunesh's name translates from Sanskrit as "compassion," and that is the quality that underpins the artist's music. 1993's HEART SYMPHONY, like many of Karunesh's albums, aims to induce a state of deep relaxation within the listener, calming and soothing with its layers of keyboards, woodwinds, and guitars. Titles like "Wide Open," "Rays of Hope," and "Listen and Feel" suggest the brand of open positivity Karunesh hopes to elicit through these sounds. A man of deep spirituality himself (his pilgrimages to India and the time he spent on an ashram strongly influenced his musical efforts), Karunesh creates music to reflect that spirituality, and to enable it in others, by creating tranquil sonic landscapes useful for meditation, massage, or yogic practices.


Wide Open 5:48
Heart Symphony: From Other Spheres/Searching for a New Dimension/Peace 18:21
The Inner Temple 5:25
Rays of Hope 3:43
Listen and Feel 7:07
Once Upon a Time 5:35
The Day Begins 3:21

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