Gypsy Nouveau Audio CD

Von Lasley, Tony

Etherean Music, Gesamtspielzeit: 43:04

19,50 €

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Spanish guitar comes to life with the majestic contemporary offerings of Latin guitar Aficionado, Tony Lasley. Raised in a musical family (His mother was a professional flamenco dancer from the Basque regions of Spain - his father was a professional musician), Tony was playing guitar by the time he could walk. Over the years his style has taken a decidedly unique twist, weaving an invigorating combination of Latin-gypsy-flamenco fire into a lush tapestry of contemporary audio alchemy. Both upbeat and lounge-friendly, Tony takes you on a guitar journey that will have your soul flying to the core of Spain's heartland, and your body dancing in the Cabanas of Cuba. Latin guitar never sounded like this...we're confident you won't mind!

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