From a different Planet Audio CD

Von Oxala

Nazca Music, Gesamtspielzeit: 49:52

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Oxalá in Portuguese, Inshallah in Arabic, or God willing in English, is the name of this duo, Harida and Pedro Sotiry. A name that seems to fit for two musicians, who lived and traveled around the world, and find themselves now as neighbours in the heart of the countryside of Southern Alentejo, Portugal. Harida is a drummer and percussionist, born in Chile, he spent many years in Italy, Spain, Holland and India, Pedro a piano player from Portugal, with strong connection to the Orient. They both have a classical music training, played Jazz and Fusion, and now integrate their passion for ethnic influences with electronic sounds.From a different Planet is their first Chill-Out release together.


Welcome 7:52
Einstein on a Switch 6:42
Gates of Agadir 6:58
Tambura Blues 6:02
The Peasant 8:40
Paco d Arcos 6:18
Ostinato 7:20

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