Forest Rain Audio CD

Von Evenson, Dean

Soundings of the Planet, Gesamtspielzeit:

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A warm, reflective paean to North American temperate rainforests, Forest Rain from flautist-keyboardist Dean Evenson stands as one musician's interpretive soundtrack of the moods, subtleties, and cycles inherent in the few remaining stands of such forests. Recorded in 1993, a few of Evenson's synthesizer textures may sound faintly dated (appearing a bit too shiny in places), but this is a minor distraction in an otherwise well-executed recording notable for its sense of calm and its elevated degree of musicianship. More than tree-huggers playing simplistic melodies, Evenson and company (d'Rachel and wife Dudley Evenson on harp, Jonathan Kramer on cello) create gentle atmospheres (some with keyboards, some without) that eschew overt melodicism in favor of evocative soundscapes that capture the quiet majesty of grand trees. Highlights: Evenson's softly searching flute passages in the 10-minute "Deep Forest"; the glowing, Suzanne Ciani-like "Branching Out"; and the closer, "Prayer for the Ancient Trees," featuring the drumming and chants of a Lummi Nation member. The disc's attractive packaging includes an educational insert outlining the benefits humans derive from a healthy temperate rainforest.

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