Atlantis - A Symphonic Journey Audio CD

Von Arkenstone, David

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Why David Arkenstone isn't a top line film composer is a mystery. His music has a cinematic orchestral sweep that seems destined for Hollywood epics. Yet, except for some small films, the silver screen has eluded Arkenstone, so he works out his cinematic ambitions on his albums. A gifted multi-instrumentalist with a wide orbit of influences, Arkenstone has a fondness for the grandiose statement and the sentimental mood. They are present in abundance on Atlantis, his paean to the mythical lost continent. His touchstones range from Coplandesque exuberance to Cecil B. DeMille biblical epics, complete with faux Middle Eastern melodies and rhythms. There are some nice touches, including some Adiemus-like chorales courtesy of Adiemus singer, Miriam Stockley. But Arkenstone's romantic arrangements swamp his compositions like the Red Sea closing on the Egyptians. Most Hollywood soundtracks are full of tried and true emotional strategies. Arkenstone utilizes them all on Atlantis--the only problem is, he doesn't have a film.

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