Arpe Di Sabbia (2 Audio CDs)

Von Oöphoi

Nextera, Gesamtspielzeit: 130:33

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"Arpe di Sabbia" (Harps of Sand) is a new double live album recorded in Archiaro, a remote location immersed in the woods of southern Italy, and it features exclusive music composed for this special event.
The two discs contain more than 130 minutes of slowly-changing textures and abyssal drones that try to describe the hidden voices of Nature: the endless movements of the ocean waves, the rustle of the crescent moon, the sunset's undercurrents, the life of nocturnal animals, the silent flow of the stars.
A magical connection with a world of forgotten sounds.


CD 1: Tramonto in Sila 5:50
CD 1: La Clessidra della Notte 31:51
CD 1: Le Lunghe Ombre 8:00
CD 1: Un Lento Battere d Ali 13:02
CD 2: Orbite die Sale 21:24
CD 2: Il Fruscoi della Luna Crescente 14:30
CD 2: La Memoria Liquida, le Maree Minerali 24:46
CD 2: la Porta sull Abisso di Stelle 11:10

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