The Archangels - Audio-CD

A musical voyage in inner spaces, inspired by the Aura-Soma Quilibrium bottles B94 - B105

Von Joga Dass; Booth, Mike

Audio-CD, 65:00 Min.

ISBN: 4015749700124

19,50 €

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I first met Joga Dass in a seminar centre in Austria calles the "Lichtung". While teaching at this centre I experienced the magical sounds that he creates using the Chakraphone. It is a extra-ordinary instrument that was invented by Joga Dass and which, I belive, is of major assistance to sound energy healing work.

Co-operation and inspiration relating to angels, archangels and ArchAngeloi of the Aura-Soma colour system has led to the CD which he has produced and which I recommend. These sounds in relaton to our vibratory rates may be helped significantly in saaociation with the profound Aura-Soma-Colour Car System philosophy. I hope all those who encounter this CD are assisted, transformed an come to a greater ease. Love and light

Mike Booth - England - February 2007

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