The Alphabet in our Hands, Part 1 - DVD

The God of Abraham, A Mathematician's View

Von Tenen, Stan

Meru, DVD, 2 Stunden

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"Can there be real meaning - beyond pride and apologia - when a religious tradition claims discovery of the one true God? If it is not myth and metaphor, is there a modern sense in which a spiritual text could be Truth, and if this is so, how could so audacious a claim be proven?

"Stan Tenen of the Meru Foundation will present the latest results of his ongoing investigation of the Hebrew alphabet. He will demonstrate a sequence of hand gestures of an idealized hand that defines the shapes of the letters and confirms their natural and universal meaning. He then discusses the philosophical, spiritual, and practical implications of these findings."

This presentation includes and expands on Stan Tenen's essay, The God of Abraham, as published in Gnosis magazine (1993) and The Noetic Journal (Orinda, 2001), and it includes portions of The Music of Genesis computer generated directly from the sequence of letters at the beginning of the Hebrew text of Genesis by Stephen James Taylor and Stan Tenen.

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