The secrets of fertile soils

Von Hennig, Erhard

OLV, 2009, 204 S., kart.

ISBN: 978-3-922201-27-4

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"Geheimnisse der fruchtbaren Böden" in englischer Sprache.

Foreword 9
Introduction 11
The Earth is a Living Organism 12
Edaphon –the Life within the Soil 12
The Cycle of the Living Substance 13
What is Humus and How is it Formed? 15
Clay-Humus-Complex 19
Humus as a Regulator 20
The Role of the Microbes 21
The Causes of Humus Deficiency 22
Humus Deficiency and its Consequences 23
Humus Production 25
The Phenomenon of Soil Fertility 25
Plasma –Bearer of all Life Processes 27
Compost Ensures Health 29
The Healing Powers of the Living Substances 31
The Meaning and Function of Roots in the Ecological Soil System 34
The Development of a Plant 35
Development and Tasks of the Roots 35
The Cycle in the Plant 35
How Deep do Roots go? 36
Turgor Energy 37
The Effective Surface of the Root Hair 37
The Root Mass which Remains After Harvest 38
Top Soil Compaction Leads to the Reduction in the Soil’s
Resistance to Disease 38
The Living Space of the Plant Root 39
The Rhizosphere 40
Root Secretion Has an Influence on the Soil 41
Natural Living Communities –A Giving and Taking 42
The Mycorrhiza –Another Living Community 43
The role of the Active Substances in the System of Interrelations 44
The Tilth –An Important Organ in the Ecological Soil System 44
Görbingand the Spade Diagnosis 46
Sekeraand The Soil Health Service 47
The Calamitous Development after 1950 48
The Different Features of Tilth 49
The Two Layers of Soil 55
Francé’sEdaphon and Tilth 56
Similarities Between Soil and the Human Being 57
Tilth Destruction can be Prevented 58
Soil and Water Balance 62
Are Floods inevitable? 64
The Relationship between Surface Run Off and Precipitation 64
The Earthworm and the Fertility of the Soil 67
The Earthworm Species and their Position in the System 68
The Anatomy of the Earthworm 68
The Life of the Earthworm 70
Earthworms in Farmland 72
Fertiliser and Earthworms 72
Breaking up of Nutrients by the Earthworm 74
The Significance of Earthworms for the Development of the Soil 74
Earthworms in the Compost 77
Pinch-Fertilisation with Earthworm- Compost 80
Earthworms and Tilth 81
Earthworms help to save Energy 82
Rot and Decomposition, the great Antagonists 83
Rot causes great Damage 85
How does Rot Develop? 83
Rot encourages –destructive Insects« 83
Are Insects and Caterpillars really Pests? 84
Rot as a Breeding Place for Pathogenic Insects 85
Rot destroys the Fertility of the Soil 87
The Effects of Cultivation with Rotting Slurry 88
Conventional Family –Farms with Slurry Cultivation 88
The Role of the Clay –Minerals 90
Decomposition –the Great Antagonist of Rot 90
Minerals Become Soluble through Decomposition Processes 92
Recognition and Conclusions 93
Promotion of Rot –Processes 95
The Closed Cultivation Cycle 95
The Effects of Decomposition- Slurry on Soil, Plants and Animals 96
Ventilation of Slurry and its Advantages 97
The Humus Mill 98
The Effect of Surface Enlargement 98
From the Material to the Spiritual 100
The Plocher Energy System 100
On the Traces of the Living 102
Biophoton Research 103
Antibioticsand Resistance 105
The Weakening of the Immune System as a Result of Disharmony in Body, Mind and Soul 106
All Life Processes are Influenced by the pH-Level 107
pH-Level as a Guideline for the Acid-Alkaline Balance in Human Beings and in the Soil 108
How Can a pH-Level Which is Too Low be Regulated? 111
Carbon and Carbon Dioxide 115
Carbon 115
Carbon Dioxide 116
Soil-borne Carbonic Acid 116
Soil Respiration 117
The Proportion of Carbon Dioxide to Nitrogen 118
Living Macromolecules in the Living Substance 119
Similarities between the Intestine and the Soil 119
What are Living Macromolecules? 120
The Bacterial Flora in Human Beings, Animals and the Soil 122
Andre Voisinand »Medicinal Ecology« 123
The Photosynthesis or Assimilation of Carbon Dioxide 124
Nitrogen –Elixir of Life for our Cultivated Plants 125
The Binding of the Atmospheric Nitrogen (N2) 125
The Formation of the Earth 136
Primary Rocks 137
Rock Dust-Fertilising in Switzerland 137
Mineral Elements in Rock Dust 137
Nile Mud 138
The »Holy Waters« in Wallis 138
Liebigand Rock Dust 139
Our Solls are Becoming Poor in important Elements 139
Gardening and Farming withRock Dust 140
The Influence of Rock Dust on Fruits and Vegetables 140
How should Rock Dust be Used? 141
What are the Positive Effects of Rock Dust? 141
Basalt Meal –Basalt Dust 142
Trace Elements and their Effect on Health 143
What Exactly are Trace Elements? 145
Classification of Elements 146
The Function of the most Important Elements 147
Trace Elements which are Damaging to Health 157
What Role do Trace Elements Play in Biological Farming and Gardening? 158
What Happens in Practise? 159
The Biological Quality of Crops 162
Radiation in Mineral Elements 164
The Fundamentals of Life are in Danger 166
Climatic Disasters are Disasters to Life 167
The Denitrincation Plant 168
Drinking Water Means Drinkable Water 170
Nitrates and Nitrites 170
Cooking Salt –Nitrate –Nitrite –Nitrite (Brine) Salt 172
The Self-Purification of Water 172
The Fear of the Plain Trum 173
Serious Damage to the Eco-System 174
The Humus Layer Prevents the Washing Out of Nitrates 176
Order in Nature 178
The Order in Nutrition 178
Order in the Universe 179
Our Mother Earth 180
There was no Lack of Warning Voices 181
Learning from the Past 182
Reference 184
Explanation of some Terms 190
Subject Index 200

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