Corporate Responsability in the clothing industry

From a consumer's perspective

Von Franken, Nicole

oekom verlag GmbH, 2017. 124 S. 235 mm, UNB, Sprache: Englisch., Maße: 16.7 x 23.9

ISBN: 978-3-96006-003-1

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Every human being needs clothing. This makes the textile and clothing industry one of the largest in the world. For years now, it has been common knowledge that the clothing manufacturing industry causes massive harm to both humans and the environment. Many scandals regarding clothing industry production conditions have been uncovered by the media in recent years, and have served to underline this reality. At the same time, corporate responsibility plays a significant role in today's business world. The inevitable connection between consumption and its social, economic and environmental impact continues to lead an increasing number of people to become more responsible consumers. What criteria determine socially responsible and sustainable behaviour for German consumers when it comes to fashion labels? Which fashion labels are perceived as socially responsible and sustainable? Which communication measures lead consumers to perceive fashion labels as being socially responsible and sustainable? An online survey was conducted throughout Germany in an effort to find answers to these questions. The findings strongly coincide with the opinions of several experts including Wolfgang Grupp, the owner of Trigema, as well as associates of VAUDE, hessnatur and GOTS.

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