Chart 1 Tung's Extraordinary Acupuncture Points on the regular channels, Poster

Von Koppensteiner, David

Bacopa, 2011. 100 x 70 cm, Tafel/Chart

ISBN: 9783902735119

29,90 €

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Full colour mapping of the reflex areas/nerves makes this information most readily usable. Points are named by number, Pin Yin and English names. On Chart II you can find the back DT points clearly arranged in colour. An extra mapping shows the large DT.04 group with colours according to Zang Fu relationships.

Listed on the charts are all points contained in Master Tung's original book. The charts also cover the traditional 365+ points, so the relative location of Tung's points can be used for easier point location. This also offers interesting clues to point-indications.

Lateral view; Hands; Sole of foot

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