The Key to the True Kabbalah

Von Bardon, Franz

Rüggeberg, o.J. 279 pgs., hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-88592-814-6

27,20 €

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n The Key to the True Kabbalah, Franz Bardon demonstrates that the mysticism of letters and their corresponding sounds, and numbers. The true Kabbalah is a universal teaching of great antiquity and depth. It has been part of Christendom as well. Out of its theory came the western calendar. Throughout the ages, adepts of every time and place have achieved the highest levels of magical attainment through the understanding of sound, color, number and vibration as embodied in the Kabbalah. This book, represents the complete third Tarot Card and is the third book in Franz Bardon's remarkable texts on Hermetic magic. It is nothing less than a practical guide to such attainment. Using the common alphabet, Bardon guides the reader through ever greater levels of Kabbalistic achievement. No other available text reveals as great a depth of Kabbalistic wisdom or provides the reader with as much practical training. Though intended primarily as a working text for those who have completed Bardon's first and second volumes, Initiation Into Hermetics and The Practice of Magical Evocation, the present work stands on its own, and even those without the requisite background in practical Hermetics will be fascinated by the author's intellectual journey through the mysticism of Tantric India, Tibet, the Hebrew Kabbalah, and the ancient sources of the Western magical tradition.

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