Book of Raziel

Von Grippo, Giovanni

Giovanni Grippo Verlag, 2010, ca. 76 S., 21,8 x 15,3 cm, gebunden

ISBN: 978-3-9810622-7-4

17,90 €

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There are many different versions of the “Book of the Angel Raziel“. This book is also called “Sepher Raziel“ or „Sepher Raziel ha-Malakh“. Editions existed in different languages with deviating contents. Most historians date the book in 13th Century and in the immediate vicinity of King Alfonso X. King Alfonso was also called Alfonso the Wise. He lived from 1221 to 1284. He prevailed on Castile and León (Spain).

This available book from Giovanni Grippo based on a Hebrew text, which refers to older sources. It has a large similarity with texts of the Torah and there are connections to the Sepher Yesirah (Book of Formation). The Book of Formation was written between the 2nd and 6th century AC. In spite of official opinions that the Book Raziel belongs to King Alfonso´s translation academy, it seems that many different versions have different sources. Today an uniform or historically statement cannot be testified. 

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